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i-ONE Alrim
Customized financial and life schedule alerts at the same time! Use various services including real-time financial transaction notification on deposit and withdrawal details and financial information notification that customized only for you.
  • Provides real-time notification service of bank deposits, withdrawals and card approval details
  • Provides financial reports to help with a balanced consumption
  • Integrated IBK transaction management by providing various transaction information
IBK ONE Notification Introduction
  • Service usage target: Smartphone users who own an IBK bank account in their name (available for individual, individual business, corporation)
  • Service use available devices: iPhone (OS 9.0+), Android (OS 5.0+) smartphones
  • Number of registrable accounts: Up to 50 (excluding special accounts such as small business finance bond, turning products, foreign currency accounts, etc. )
  • Number of registrable cards: Up to 50
  • Usage fee: Application download cost and usage fee all 'free'
IBK ONE Notification Usage Guide
  1. 1 STEP Step 01. Apple > App Store
    Android > Android Market
  2. 2 STEP Step 02. Search [IBK], etc.
  3. 3 STEP Step 03. Download and Install
  4. 4 STEP Step 04. Apply for service enrollment
You can apply for the service through a branch office, IBK customer center, internet banking, and i-ONE bank.
Key Services
  • Deposit-Withdrawal Details OR History
    • Transfer the details of deposit and withdrawal accounts registered in the notification to a push message in real time.
    Deposit and withdrawal details are provided within the last 6 months of the service subscription date.
  • Card History
    • Transfer the approval details of a credit (check) card registered in the notification to a push message in real time.
    The approval details of the card are provided within the last three months from the service subscription date.
  • Financial Reports
    • Graph showing I/O card history statistics at a glance
  • Finance Manager
    • EX/ Client customized financial information alerts include installment savings, funds, and loans and the achievement of deposit funds
Introduction Key Features
  • View Quick
    • You can check the card details for up to 5 days before logging in.
    • Provide the financial manager and new information on Web site
  • various login methods
    Select the login you want to use for your convenience.
    • Select one of the followings: Easy password, fingerprint/face recognition*, ONE ID, and authentication certificate
    Available only for smart phone devices that provide fingerprint/face recognition
  • Take notes
    • You can register a simple memo with the deposit and withdrawal details and credit card details.
    • 'Memo' activation mark is provided for transaction details with registered memos
  • View Screen
    • Large handwriting samples are provided for customers for 50s or older (deposit and withdrawal details, credit card details, financial manager)
    For the deposit and withdrawal details, it will be provided with a view of your bankbook as like bankbook.
  • Precautions when using the service
    • Be careful not to expose your password to others when subscribing to the service.
    • Please change your password periodically to protect your personal information.
    • If you lost your smartphone, you must contact the customer center for a service cancellation.
    • Do not save passwords or resident registration numbers on your phone in case your phone is lost.
    • If a smartphone is operated arbitrarily, it is vulnerable to hacking, so use the smartphone in its original condition.
    • When using, if you connected to the cellular telecommunication environment (3G/LTE, etc.), data usage fees may be charged according to the subscription plan.
  • Must read! before using the application
    • The details of card and bankbook transactions can be inquired after the service subscription date and from the time when the first transaction of registered bankbook or card occurs.
    • Push notification and transaction details can be inquired about the transaction details of bankbook and card which clients registered themselves.
    • Notification information from the financial manager such as deposits, funds, loans, and cards is provided for all transactions registered with your real name number. For financial manager financial information notifications, set it at [Settings → Financial Manager Settings → Alert ON].
    • The default time for notification limit hour is set at 1:00am to 6:00am.
    • If you want to receive notification at a different time, you can change it at [Settings → Alert Settings → Do Not Disturb Time Setting].
    • The notification (Push) service on your smartphone may cause delays or disruptions in sending messages due to problems with your network environment, telecommunication companies and Google Server.
    • If the "i-ONE notification" service which only provide simples information is sent late due to a service failure or server error, please note that the bank does not have any legal custody OR does not carry legal binding forces and responsibility for the service.
Compliance Officer Passed Deliberation


Expiration Date: 2023.11.06 - 2024.11.05

  • For more information about individual products, please visit the Trading Branch or contact IBK Customer Center (1566-2566)
  • Be sure to check the product descriptions and the terms and the conditions before entering into a contract related to a financial product.
  • General financial consumers have the right to receive a sufficient explanation from IBK in accordance with Article 19(1) of the Financial Consumer Protection Act. Be sure to understand the explanations given before you enter into a transaction.
  • IBK Industrial Bank of Korea does not accept any bribes or treats, and in case of any violation of ethical management or any improvement needed, please report it. (+82-02-729-7490, e-mail: