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Post-paid transportation card
  • Post-paid transportation card service
  • Limit: KRW 100,000
    (Can pay in advance to reset the balance on the next business day)
  • Ways to pay: 3 times a month automatically withdrawn from the bank account (on the 10th, 20th and last day of the month + 2 business days)
Individuals aged 18 and above who meet the IBK qualification criteria can apply for the card for themselves only Discounts on public transportation fares
  • 5% discount on public transportation (bus and subway) fares
  • Discount up to KRW 30,000 per month
    (from the first day until the last day of the month, based on the charged date)
  • Limited to the fares paid for using the post-paid transportation card
Fee exemptions
  • Fees are waived for transfer via IBK ATM/CD machine
  • Fees are waived for transfer via electronic service (Tele-banking, Internet and Smart banking)
  • Fee waiver is limited to designated payment account
Preferential rates for foreign exchange fees
  • Preferential rate of 50% for transfer
  • Preferential rate of 50% on the fees for foreign exchange in cash (Applicable currencies: USD, EUR, JPY)
Discounts at convenience stores
  • 5% discount on purchases at convenience stores (CU, GS25, 7-Eleven, Buy the Way, Ministop)
  • Discount on purchases of KRW 10,000 ~ 30,000 (two times a month) The discount is provided in the order that the purchases are charged
Discounts for amusement park admissions
  • Free admission or discount on the admission fee for amusement parks (one time per month, two times a year)
<Service Conditions> The above benefits and services are provided only if at least KRW 200,000 has been spent at business locations in Korea using the card between the first day and the last day of the previous month.
Please note that the aforementioned amount excludes payments of taxes and public utilities charges, gift card/certificate purchases, and transportation card usage. This information is a summary of the conditions. Please check detailed information on the IBK website (