Industrial Bank of Korea

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for a better future.


  • Inauguration of the 27th Chairman Kim Sung-tae
  • Chairman Yoon Jong-won attends the launching ceremony of SME Bank in Saudi Arabia
  • Organization of a “Digital Working-level Advisory Group” composed of external experts
  • Grand opening of the reorganized corporate digital channel
  • Signing a sponsorship agreement as an official partner for the Korean national team of wrestling and weightlifting
  • Hosting “The Art Plaza: LINK by IBK”
  • Publication of “Result Report of Status Survey for Transition to Eco-friendliness of SMEs”
  • Publication of “2022 IBK Sustainability Report”
  • Conclusion of a business agreement with the Ministry of Environment (Practice agreement to expand the eco-friendliness classification system)
  • Introduction of “IBK Auto-Evaluation” to reflect the growth potential of companies, for the first time in the financial sector
  • Conclusion of business agreement with KBIZ Korea Federation of SMEs to provide financial support for small enterprises and small business owners for ESG shared growth
  • Launching of the IBK Grand Slam Junior Nurturing Team
  • Joining the “Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs)” of the United Nations
  • Launching of a non-face-to-face new subscription service for the corporate-type systems (DB·DC) of the retirement pension, for the first time in the financial sector
  • Launching of the “Successful ESG Management Support Loan”, Korea’s first loan linked to sustainability
  • Achievement of KRW 2 trillion net profit during the term
  • Launching of the i-ONE asset management service
  • Being ranked No.1 in the technology financing performance review in the banking sector, in the first half of 2021
  • Implementation of the financial advising program
  • Resolution for IBK Carbon Neutrality (2040) ESG Committee
  • Introduction of the completely non-face-to-face service for issuing corporates cards and opening payment accounts for the first time in Korea
  • Obtaining approval (from the Financial Services Commission) for My Data (as a personal credit information management business)
  • Conclusion of a business agreement with Saudi Arabia to support the establishment of Saudi Arabia’s SME bank
  • Mid-term loan balance reaches KRW 200 trillion, for the first time in the financial sector
  • The number of subscribers for “BOX POS” exceeds 10,000
  • Launching of “CEO Card”, Korea’s first card where personal and corporate cards are combined
  • Introduction of the Ethics Officer (EO) for the first time among domestic banks
  • Supporting live commerce to sell SME products for the first time in the financial sector
  • Launching of “BOX POS”, a card payment terminal using smartphones
  • Opening of business at the IBK Myanmar Bank
  • Launching of “IBK Digital Identity Authentication” for the first time in the financial sector
  • Launching of “i-ONE for Small Business Owners”, a daily financing platform for small business owners
  • Implementation of “IBK First Class”, a consulting service for the comprehensive asset management
  • Introduction of the automated review system using AI technology for real estate, for the first time in the financial sector
  • Announcement of “IBK Innovative Management” (Innovative Financing and Righteous Management)
  • Launching of “i-ONE Real Estate Mortgages Loan for Small Business Owners”, a fully non-face-to-face real estate mortgages loan for the first time in the banking sector
  • Introduction of the “Easy Payment Service for Corporate Shared Cards” for the first time in the banking sector
  • Personal financing (personal deposits and household loans) exceeds KRW 100 trillion
  • Implementation of consulting services for SMEs’ innovative transitions
  • Implementation of “SME Financial Support Program” which provides KRW 10 trillion in total to support SMEs in liquidity crisis due to COVID-19
  • Investment of KRW 676.5 billion in cash by the government
  • Implementation of “Easy Guarantee (regional guarantee foundations)”, a special loan with ultra-low interest rates for small business owners
  • Implementation of the exemption criteria from the deferment of interest on loans to companies affected by COVID-19
  • Inauguration of the 26th Chairman Yoon Jong-won