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Changing Registered Phone Number of Notification Service. Changing an already registered phone number requires one of the following: visit an IBK location directly to provide proof of identification, use the internet/smart banking service, or call the IBK Customer Service Center (1588-2588) directly.
IBK ONE Notification Service Registration. Customers with a bank account under their name download the IBK ONE Notification application at either Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Registration requires your bank account number and password, followed by SMS identify verification.
IBK ONE Notification Service. This application service, available in both Korean and English, provides free real-time notifications of information pertaining to your account balance and activity, card authorization activity, the current exchange rate, etc. with a smartphone automated notification function.
Automated Machine Precautions during Use. Discretely enter your password by covering the number pad with your hand, book or other object so as to avoid exposure of your password to others and/or being captured in illegal camera footage. Never provide your password to persons who might be providing false identity as if being a government official. Be sure to retrieve your card and destroy the transaction statement following each transaction.
Procedure for Failure of Card Return. When the card fails to be returned to you following automated machine used at an IBK location, following ID confirmation with a form of identification or your passport, your card will be retrieved. For the failure of card return at other automated machine locations, contact the IBK Customer Service Center (1588-2588) or the company in charge of machine operations at the number provided on the label on the side of the machine. Your card will be immediately retrieved once you present a form of identification.
Automated Machine Overseas Remittance. Each remittance must be within the range of USD 100 - 4,000 with a daily limit based in KRW of up to 30 million for USD, JPY and EUR. Foreign currency remittance services at an automated machine must be registered in advance at your nearest IBK location.
Automated Machine Transferring. Each transfer is limited to KRW six million with a daily limit of KRW 30 million. Special requests may be made to increase the limit to as much as KRW 100 million.
Automated Machine Withdrawal. Each withdrawal is limited to KRW one million in cash and KRW six million in checks. Special requests may be made to increase the limit to as much as KRW 20 million.
Automated Machine Deposit. Each deposit is limited to 150 bills, regardless of currency, and 10 checks.
Delayed Withdrawal. Accounts receiving a deposit of KRW one million or more are restricted from withdrawal and transferring at all automated machines (ATMs / CDs) for 30 minutes from the time of deposit.
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