Industrial Bank of Korea

IBK, your financial partner
for a better future.


Symbol Mark

Industrial Bank of Korea

Color System

  1. Main color 1
  2. Main color 2
    Sky Blue
  3. Sub color

Symbolism in CI

The tilted square symbolizes a dynamic and progressive energy to escape from stagnation and move forward

It embodies the ‘Spirit of Dedication and Initiative’ found within Young Stewards of IBK.

The square interior is designed to graphically visualize IBK
  • It symbolizes the pledge of the Bank to bring a bright future to customers in the form of the wings of a great bird opening in the sky.
  • The blue sky and clouds are motifs brought over from the best part of the Bank's former CI, and mean success, hope, and the future. They embody Creativity from Young Stewards of IBK.
‘I’ refers to customers
  • ‘I’ marks the Bank's shift in paradigm to serve customers, not as a third party, but from the first person perspective.
  • It symbolizes the corporate philosophy of IBK to put customers first.
  • It marks the rebirth of the Bank as a distinctive financial institution devoted to the satisfaction and success of 48 million Koreans.
‘B’ symbolizes a great bird called ‘Win-Wing’ flying high in the sky and seeing far ‘Win-Wing’ (the wings in the symbol)
  • ‘Win’ embodies the Bank's pledge to be the ‘Wings for customer success’ and bring success, hope, and a bright future to customers.
  • ‘Wing’ embodies the Bank's pledge to prosper with customers as a leading global bank.
  • The red triangle located at the center of ‘Win-Wing’ refers to the exchanges between the Bank and its customers, development and progress, as well as Passion from Young Stewards of IBK.

Brand Slogan

‘A Truly Good Bank’
  • The IBK brand slogan symbolizes the values the Bank will provide and the responsibilities it will fulfill.
  • ‘A Truly Good Bank’ is the Bank's pledge to Korea, society, shareholders, customers, and employees that it will provide the best
  • value and fulfill its responsibilities as their partner for success.
Social pledge to contribute to the development of Korea and Korean society by fulfilling its responsibilities and missions as a strategic financial institution
Pledge to shareholders to generate maximum profits through enhanced corporate values and seeking internal stability.
Pledge to customers to fulfill dreams and hopes by offering the most value through premium products and services
Pledge to employees to create the best workplace through field oriented the management