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Smart Banking

IBK ONE Banking Global

ONE banking service only in foreign languages for foreign clients (such as foreign workers and students)! It will be a dedicated staff for you on your mobile phone.
  • SAFE Safe with official certificates and security keypads!
  • SIMPLE Easy to use for everyone!
  • SPEED Fast with flexible structure and optimization!

Service Usage Guide

IBK Internet Banking Existing Customers
  1. ① Download the 「IBK ONE Banking Global」 app
  2. ② Personal authentication and issuance, copy, other bank/organization registration of official certificate
  3. ③ Use 「IBK ONE Banking Global」service
IBK Internet Banking Unregistered Customers
  1. ① Visit your nearest IBK branch with your ID card
  2. ② Join the IBK internet banking and 「IBK ONE Banking Global」
  3. ③ Install the 「IBK ONE Banking Global」 app
  4. ④ Issue Personal authentication register other bank/organization of official certificate
  5. ⑤ Use 「IBK ONE Banking Global」 service
Compliance Officer Passed Deliberation

Expiration Date : 2023.04.11 - 2024.04.09


For more information about individual products, please visit the Trading Branch or contact IBK Customer Center (1566-2566)

  • If there are objections to bank transactions, you may request resolutions to the dispute handling organization of the IBK Industrial Bank or apply for conflict arbitrations through the Financial Dispute Resolution Board.
    (Financial Supervisory Service: 1332 without national code number., IBK Industrial Bank of Korea: 080-800-0119)
  • IBK Industrial Bank of Korea does not accept any bribes or treats, and in case of any violation of ethical management or any improvement needed, please report it. (+82-02-729-7490, e-mail: