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Foreigner Support Organizations

☎1577-1366 Emergency support and living information for multicultural families and immigrant women. Services are available in 13 languages.

Danuri Helpline Info.
  • The Danuri Helpline provides information on Korean life, crisis counseling, emergency aids, interpretation, and 3-party telecommunication services for multicultural families and immigrant women residing in Korea.
  • Those who need counseling services can conveniently talk in their mother tongue to the professional immigrant women counselors who speak 13 languages*.
  • Provides counseling in Korean, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog (Filipino), Khmer (Cambodian), Mongolian, Russian, Japanese, Thai, Lao, Uzbek, and Nepali.
  • Korean, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog (Filipino), Khmer (Cambodian), Mongolian, Russian, Japanese, Thai, Lao, Uzbek and Nepali.
  • Through the call center, multicultural families are provided with various forms of assistance such as interpretation and translation. Counseling addresses problems related to nationality and staying in Korea, court information and crisis management. In particular, immigrant women who need protection or emergency counseling due to domestic violence, sexual violence, or prostitution can access these services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Counseling is done in cooperation with related agencies such as nationwide Multicultural Family Support Centers, domestic violence counseling centers, the Sexual Violence Counseling Center, the Domestic Violence Victim Protection Facility, police agencies, attorneys, Women's Group Welfare Groups, and one-stop assistance centers within hospitals located nationwide.
  • All counseling sessions are confidential; the identity of the caller is not disclosed (except in the case of third-party communications).
Danuri Helpline Activities
Activities related to emergency assistance services and counseling on emergency and violence
  • Telephone counseling provided in native languages 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for immigrant women who are experiencing domestic violence
  • Operation of emergency refuge facilities (children included)
  • Connection with protection facilities for women suffering from domestic violence, sexual violence, and/or prostitution
  • Work in relation to medical, legal, prosecutor, and police services
  • On-site counseling services in Seoul and other cities
Provision of information on life in Korea
  • Provides an integrated information about life in Korea for multicultural families & immigrants
  • Information on the stages of life
Interpretation and third-party communication services
  • Third-party interpretation services for immigrants and multicultural families who have difficulties communicating in the Korean language (police stations, emergency, hospitals, resident centers, educational agencies, banks)
  • Communication assistance within families
Six regional counseling centers and shelters

This information is also available at, the multicultural family support portal website Danuri. Please note that the information is current as of April 2018; information is subject to change without notice.

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