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Financial Accident Prevention

What’s Financial Accident Prevention?
Service Overview
  • Electronic financial fraud by illegally attaining customer information through phishing, pharming, etc. and receiving a reissued official certificate to withdraw from savings.
  • Security service for accident prevention by designating a device in advance or only allowing transactions through additional certification.
Individual customers using internet/smart banking
Target Duty
  • (Re)issuance of official certificate, registration of another bank or organization certificate
  • Transfer to an account other than the recent deposit account for internet/smart banking transfers over 1 million won (cumulative amount in 1 day)
  • Fee: None
Usage Method
Device Designation Service

Banking transaction only on designated devices such as PC, smartphones, etc. (Up to 5 device designation possible)

Additional Certification Service

Approval request received by the phone number registered with the bank, and direct approval by phone