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Product Overview

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Product Overview
Issued to : Individuals
Brand : BC Domestic only visa master card
Annual Fee : BC(Domestic only): 0 / VISA: 3,000(Temporary suspension) / MASTER: 3,000
Annual Fee Exemption : Possible
Annual Fee Exemption Condition : If annual (domestic and overseas) usage amount is (3,000,000 won) or more
Card Benefits
  • [Overseas] 1.5% cashback of the amount used at overseas affiliated stores
    • Cashback only when spending 10 USD or more for each authorized amount.
    • The cashback amount is deposited into the payment account on the settlement day of the corresponding card.
  • [Domestic] 0.1% cashback of the amount used at domestic affiliated stores
    • Provided with each purchase of 10,000 won or more, and excludes taxes and public utilities’ charges, gift certificates, and postpaid transportation amount.
    • The cashback amount is deposited into the payment account on the settlement day of the corresponding card.
Other Notice
Card Usage Record Exclusion
  • Tax and public utilities’ charge (national tax/local tax/city gas/social insurance/public fee, etc.), gift certificate (includes prepaid cards) purchase and recharge, and postpaid transportation
Overseas Usage Guide
Card> Card Guide> Card Usage Guide> Overseas Usage Guide
Issuance Fee
  • 2,000 won (exemption for first time IBK issuance, for additional issuance by check card holding customers, and re-issuance due to loss/damage, etc.)
Law-abiding monitor review passed
  • 2020-4407(2020.10.29)
  • Expiration Date: 2020.10.29 - 2023.10.28
  • For more information on individual products, please contact a bank branch or the IBK Customer Center (1588-2566).
  • Additional services such as points and discount benefits offered when using the card will be maintained without reduction or abolishment for 5 years after a new card is released.
  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the card company may change the additional services if any of the following occurs:
    • ① Temporary shutdown, bankruptcy, business crisis, natural disaster, a sudden change in the financial environment or other similar reasons of experienced by the card company or additional service related affiliate companies.
    • ② If the affiliate company unilaterally gives notification of the change in the additional services despite the endeavors of the card company (except when a similar service of the same kind can be provided by another affiliate company)
    • ③ If it has been more than 5 years since the new card was released, and it is difficult to maintain the profitability of the card.
  • If the card company changes the additional service, the reason for the change of the additional service and the contents of the change are posted on the homepage and you will be notified individually as soon as the issue. In particular, if the change in the additional service is due to the difficulty in maintaining the profitability of the card, and it has been over 5 years since the new card was released, you will be notified monthly from six months prior.
    * Individual notification method: Either card bill, postal mail, e-mail, or mobile text message.
  • If a credit card is issued more than necessary, it may affect your credit rating, personal credit rating, and usage limit.
  • In the event of any disputes relating to banking transactions, you can request resolution at the dispute settlement organization of IBK or apply for dispute mediation through the Financial Disputes Mediation Committee, etc.
    (Financial Supervisory Service: 1332 without area code, IBK: 080-800-0119)
  • IBK does not accept money, valuables or entertainment. Please report any violation of ethical management or improvement that is needed.(☎02-729-7490, e-mail :
  • Overdue interest rate: contracted interest rate by member and product used + maximum 3% (within 24% of court maximum rate) However, if there is no contracted interest rate at the time of overdue occurrence, the following applies.
    • For lump-sum payment transaction overdue: interest with an installment interest rate of a minimum period (2 months) from the time of transaction
    • Non-interest installment transaction overdue: interest with an installment interest rate for the same installment contract period at the time of transaction
    • In other cases: The higher interest rate between the commercial legal interest rate by commercial law and the mutual finance household loan interest rate* is applied as the contracted interest rate.
      * The most recent non-bank financial institution weighted average loan rate announced monthly by the Bank of Korea (based on new loans)
  • When using credit financial products, your credit rating or personal credit rating may decrease.
  • When applying for a card, be sure to check the product manual and terms and conditions.
  • Using a credit card, it is a debt to be paid off.
  • Excessive debt, it is the beginning of pain.