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CEO's Message

We will emerge as a prominent financial group based on financial innovation and
achieve sustainability by enhancing responsibility and accountability.

I’m Kim Sung-tae, Chairman and CEO of the Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK).
Thank you for visiting the official website of IBK.

IBK is a policy financing organization established in 1961 for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with an aim to protect and cultivate SMEs and to improve their economic status.

In the past 60 years, IBK has been continuing its journey with every path and history of the development of Korea. IBK has been paving the way to a future full of hope and opportunities for SMEs and our clients as a government-run bank.

From now on, IBK will commit to promoting economic growth and innovation together with SMEs through “Finance for new value” and building a better future with our clients.

We will establish ourselves as a “strong bank” that sticks to the basics to support SMEs to overcome crises and secure the growth driver.
We will also realize “righteous financing” that puts our clients and society first.

IBK puts clients’ trust and interest as its top priority and strives to “take a leap towards the better future”.
We would be grateful for your interest and support for our efforts, and we wish you happiness in your life. Thank you.
Chairman & CEO Industrial Bank of Korea Kim Sung-tae