Industrial Bank of Korea


IBK, your financial partner
for a better future.

We will emerge as a top-tier financial group
based on innovative finance and sound management.

I am Yoon Jong-won, the Chairman & CEO of the Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK).

I would like to extend my gratitude to the small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and other customers who have shown their support for the IBK.

Since its establishment in 1961, the IBK has been a strong supporter for SMEs whenever they were under strain due to the domestic economic situation.

We must empower SMEs in order for our entire nation to enjoy economic prosperity, and it is IBK’s mission to create an environment that helps them thrive.

In order for IBK to emerge as a top-tier financial group with global competitiveness, we will innovate our lending practices to focus on technological prowess and future potential, increase the supply of venture capital, and introduce a life cycle-based support system as part of our efforts to lay the groundwork for innovative finance.

We will also be committed to upright management, based on strict compliance with laws and regulations, strong ethics, and sense of responsibility, through which we will maintain the trust our customers have placed in us.

All the executives and employees of IBK will dedicate themselves to pursuing change and innovation and practicing customer-oriented management to turn your support into a growth engine that powers the advancement of SMEs, thereby helping our economy surge.

I ask that you continue to show your support for IBK as we head toward a brand new future.

Thank you.
Chairman & CEO Industrial Bank of Korea Yoon Jong-won