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Public Institutions Info.

Administrative Agencies
The administrative agencies that one comes across in daily life include Eup-Myeon town offices, Dong community centers, and the city, county, and district offices. The Eup-Myeon town offices, Dong community centers, and the city, county, and district offices perform various civil services, providing for the health and welfare for residents, the management of public facilities, and the issuance and declaration of various certificates. The Eup-Myeon town offices and Dong community centers also operate various programs for residents, including cultural courses.
Currently, civil documents can be issued through unmanned civil service dispensers at major subway stations or through the Government Civil Service Portal, Civil Service 24 Online homepage (, without having to visit the administration office. However, not all civil documents can be obtained through unmanned civil service machines or online. If you want to receive civil documents online, you must have a printer to print the documents, and you may need a public certificate to verify your identity. When important documents need to be issued, check them in advance.
Police Station (112)
When you're involved in a crime, such as fraud, assault, robbery, or car accident, or witness a crime, report it to ☎112 or directly report it to the police station. Press the red emergency call button on a pay phone, then press ☎112, or dial ☎112 on a regular phone or mobile phone without pressing the national code number. When reporting a crime, it is helpful to calmly explain when, where, and what happened, along with giving the caller's address, name and contact number, while explaining the criminal's description, characteristics, and the direction he went.
Fire Station (119)
If there is a fire, or if you have to take someone to the hospital quickly, or you witness such a situation, you can call ☎119. Press the red emergency call button on a pay phone, then press ☎119, or dial ☎119 on the a regular phone or mobile phone without pressing national code number. In case of reporting a fire, explain the location, floor numbers, and type of the house with explanations of the main buildings around it. In case you need to bring someone to the hospital quickly, provide basic information about the sick person, and keep in touch with the counselor until the 119 rescue team arrives and respond to any emergency situation.
Post office
When you send a letter or parcel, you can use a post office near your house. Post offices handle both domestic and international mail services and serve as financial institutions like banks. If you need for international mail service, you can use an EMS (International Express Mail) that sends mail quickly to foreign countries.

Mail Customer Service Center : ☎1588-1300, ☎82-2-2108-9895 (English available)
Financial Customer Service : ☎1588-1900
Korea Post :
Online post office :

Domestic Mails
They usually deliver mail the day after it is registered. Delivery to island and mountain areas may take longer. Fees vary depending on where you send the mail. If you send mail of a weight or size that exceeds the standard, you must pay a fee that corresponds to the excess amount.

Post office delivery
When you apply for a post office delivery service, a postman can visit your workplace or home for delivery.
  • Call Call: 1588-1300 (Weekday 09:00~18:00, Saturday 09:00-13:00, calls on Sunday and holidays are not allowed)
  • Online access: (available for 24/7)
  • International mail
    International mail includes air parcels, sea surface parcels, international special mail EMS, and EMS Premium. EMS is a service that delivers letters, documents and products to 143 countries around the world quickly and safely. It can send posts up to 30 kilograms. Handled items are letters, documents, letters of credit(L/C), books, exchange checks of financial institutions, sample goods, and other items. Some countries, such as Argentina and Bangladesh, limit their handling weight to less than 20 kilograms. In addition, there are some items that are prohibited from being handled by certain countries, so it is necessary to check this in advance.

      For more details on mailing, customs clearance, mail item tracking, each country’s terms & conditions and delivery, please visit the post office EMS webpage (, EMS Premium (, or contact the center at ☎+82-1588-1300
  • Financial Services
    Financial Services
    Division Available Dates Operating Hours Note
    Post office Branches Civil services Weekday
    09:00 ~ 16:30 Not available for holidays
    CD / ATM *
    *Installed Automatic Teller Machines inside the post offices branch
    09:00 ~ 18:00 Not available for holidays
    365 days station Open 24/7 (Mon.-Sun.) (Standard) 07: 00 ~ 23: 30 Some places open for 05:00~4:00 next day (23hrs)
The library is an organization that collects and stores various materials such as books and audio and video resources to help local residents learn, become cultured, and provide lifelong education. Most of the cities, counties, and districts have libraries. The library offers free access to borrow materials, as well as access to a wide range of audio and visual resources. A library near your home can be found by contacting your city, county, or district office.

The state-run library is the National Library of Korea (☎02-535-4142).
  • Hours of operation: Data Center: Monday to Sunday 09:00 to 18:00 (Night Library 18:00 ~ 22:00)
  • Closed: Every 2nd and 4th Monday and Sunday of the month, holidays for the government office except Sunday, and any other day for which the head of the government acknowledges closing is necessary.
  • Put personal belongings in storage except writing utensils
  • Registration (certify real name on the website and sign up for membership) → Apply for a usage certificate → Get the usage certificate → Pass through Data Center Entrance gate → Use the Data Center → Finish using the Data Center → Return the usage certificate
  • Direction: 10 minutes walk from Seoul Subway Line 2, Seocho Station, Exit 6 and 15 minutes walk from Line 3, 7, and 9, Express Bus Terminal Station.

This information is also available at, the multicultural family support portal website Danuri. Please note that the information is current as of April 2018; information is subject to change without notice.

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