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Smart Banking How to use Banking Services 2019.02.11
Financial Life Guide for Foreigners 1 
How to Use Banking Services

 Hey, guys.

Sean : I am frome the states. 
Sofani : Hi Iam frome Cambodia. 
Lipei: I am frome China. 
Nice meeting you

Financial Life Guide For Foreigners
How to Use Banking Service

Today We are going to talk about money
We use Dallar in the United States

Sofani : In Cambodia, Currency unit is Riel
Lipei: In China, currency unit is yuan

* Today's topic is bank

Sofani : In Cambodia, people don't really go to the bank
Yeah, People usually keep the money at home
Like in a pot or piggy bank 
I used to put it in the piggy bank
I saved money hard, but bugs ate all
It is something that really happened to me 
Safer at Bank than Home!
Before I came to korea, I never been to bank before Not even once
Yeah, (in Cambodia) We don't really go to bank
So I was afraid that my money would be gone
if lose bankbook or debit card attached to it

Sean : Oh, really?


Money saved is still safe even if card or bankbook is lost.
With ID card they can be easily reissued
* Tip
If you lose Card or Bankbook.
Bring ID card and a stamp used for opening account
(can be replaced to Signature)
To the Bank, then they can be reissued without any hassle

Sofani : Sean, have you opened a bank account by yourself?
Sean : Not, yet. I am afraid to do it yet
Sofani :  Sean you should try it again
Opening a bank account alone challenge!

1.Get a number ticket
2.follow the instruction of the banker when your number is called
  Sean : I am here to open an account
  Staff : you are here to open an account?
          Then, do you want to get a bankbook and debit card
          Please repeat what you said once again.

  Staff :  I will guide you though the process showing the application

3.Fill in the blanks of application with the banker

Write down the name and add signature or a stamp
Then you are all set

4.Pick the password for bankbook and debitcard
Make sure you are the only one knowing the password

  Sean : I made my mind

Once you give the finished application, and ID like password or ID card,
Completed Opening up an account

Completed opening up an account


*made togerher
Using ATM with drbit card with the account

1. Insert Debit Card or the bankbookto th ATM
2. Press withdraw button on the sceen
3. Choose the desired amount of cash to withdraw
4. Pick the password for bankbook and debit card
4. Enter the Pin number
5. Once you get the cash, it's completed!
   don't fotget to retrieve the debit card

ATM supports not only Korean but various languages
With desire to do the wire transfer, it can be done as well


How to use Online banking smart

Online banking starts with getting accredited certificate

How to get an accredited certificate
1. Go to accredited certification center page of online banking website.
2. Press issue accredited certificate button
3. Press yes, I agree button 
4. Enter account number and pin number for account
   Enter Resident registration number (for foreigner, enter foreigner registration number)
5. Enter assigned number frim security card or OTP number
6. Lastly enter the password for accredited certificate

Now you have bank in your hand anywhere you are with online banking


sean : i did it. It's relly easy
Real time SMS service alerts transaction history

Sofani : Is money coming in to the account or going out

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