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Remittance IBK ONE Global - Remitttance 2019.02.27
IBK ONE GLOBAL - Remittance

Step 1.
Launch IBK ONE BANKING GLOBAL and select Foreign Exchange. Select Remittance.

Step 2.
Enter the certificate password.

Step 3.
Select the receiver. Input Account Number, Account Password, Amount, and Tel 
Number and click the Confirm button. 
After checking remittance details, enter OTP number or Secret card numbers as required and then click the Confirm button.

Step 4.
Enter the certificate password. Remittance is completed

ㅁ Service Usage Guide

· IBK Internet Banking Existing Customers

Download the 「IBK ONE Banking Global」 app

Personal authentication and issuance, copy, other bank/organization registration of official certificate

Use 「IBK ONE Banking Global」service

· IBK Internet Banking Unregistered Customers

Visit your nearest IBK branch with your ID card

Join the IBK internet banking and 「IBK ONE Banking Global」

Install the 「IBK ONE Banking Global」 app

Issue Personal authentication register other bank/organization of official certificate

Use 「IBK ONE Banking Global」 service