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IBK W ACCOUNT (Installment)
Product Overview
Offers prime rate benefits for workers
Product Features
Offers new or long-term employees prime rate benefits without transaction performance conditions
Individuals with real names (except for individual businesses, 1 account per person)
Product Type
IBK Savings type small business finance bond
Enrollment Period
(New employee) 1 year, (long-term employee) 1 - 3 years
Enrollment Amount
(New employee) Within 500,000 won per month, (long-term employee) within 3 million won per month
Interest Payment Method
Payment at the time of expiration
Preferential Benefits
Provides prime rate based on the period of current employment as a new employee (less than one year) and long-term employee (more than three years)
  • (New employee) 1.5%p per year
  • (Long-term employee) Maximum 1.0%p per year
Depositor Protection Status
Not eligible.
  • In the case the contents of the products are changed or suspended due to the circumstances of the bank, the related matters such as the reasons and contents to be changed or suspended will be posted one month before the implementation date (or the suspension date) on the bank branch and the bank website for one month. For preferential benefits changes, the changed content will be effective for customers who enroll after the date of the change.
  • This deposit is not protected by the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation under the Depositor Protection Act.
  • For more information on individual products, please contact a bank branch or the IBK Customer Center (1588-2566).
  • In the event of any disputes relating to banking transactions, you can request resolution at the dispute settlement organization of IBK or apply for dispute mediation through the Financial Disputes Mediation Committee, etc.
    (Financial Supervisory Service: 1332 without area code, IBK: 080-800-0119)
  • IBK does not accept money, valuables or entertainment. Please report any violation of ethical management or improvement that is needed.

    Phone: 02-729-7490

Law-abiding monitor review passed:
Expiration Date:
2020.10.29 - 2021.10.28
2020.10.29 Current Standard