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IBK Mortgage Loan

Product summary
Product characteristics
  • This is the "IBK representative mortgage" product that allows the customer to freely choose loan rates, loan periods, repayment methods, and repayment cycles according to his/her financial plan or lifecycle.
  • At the time of prepayment within the scope of 10% of the balance at the end of the previous year (the first loan in the loan handling year) every year (January 1st to December 31st), the prepayment cancellation fee can be reduced or exempted in advance.
Contract Period
  • Lump sum repayment loan: Within 5 years
  • Reimbursement in equal installments: Within 40 years
Interest calculation method
  • Selection among the fixed or variable interest rates (KORIBOR, COFIX) and mixed interest rates.
    As of SEP 13, 2023, annual unit, loan period of 40 years, loan amount of 200 million won, installment repayment, and housing purchase fund standard.
  • Mixed interest rate (5-year fixed interest rate / subsequently variable interest rate)
    3.80%~5.80% per year
    [Standard interest rate (4.24% based on the return rate based on the valuation of 5 years matured heavy gold bonds) + additional interest rate (1.56%) - reduced interest rate (0~2.0%)]
  • Variable interest rate
    5.46%~6.56% per year
    [The base rate (3.74% based on the KORIBOR 3 months) + additional rate (2.82%) - reduced interest rate (0~1.1%)]
  • Calculated on a daily basis with 1 year as 365 days (366 days for leap year).
  • Loan interest rates can change later depending on market interest rates and loan conditions (period, amount) after the calculation date.
  • If the payment of the loan principal and interest is delayed for a certain period of time or the expiration date has elapsed, you may be registered as a credit management target along with the imposition of overdue interest.
Product benefits and additional services
If you repay in the middle within the scope of 10% of the initial loan every year, the prepayment cancellation fee can be reduced or exempted.
Loan Information
Loan Limit
Up to 40% to 70% of the mortgage value (different by region)
Loan target
Individual customers who wish to provide a house (including neighborhood housing) as collateral or purchase (including successful bid funds) in full.

Method of providing collateral: Establishing the right to collateral security.

Repayment Method
Expiration lump sum repayment method / principal(interest) equal installment repayment / partly equal installment repayment
Early repayment cancellation fee
  • Fixed-rate loans: repayment amount × 1.2% × (remaining days ÷ loan days),
  • Variable interest rate loans: repayment amount × 0.9% × (remaining days ÷ loan days),
  • If the number of days of loan exceeds 3 years, it is considered 3 years
Additional expenses
  • The cost that the customer has to pay for the new loan is as follows.
    • ① Stamp tax: The tax paid at the time of loan agreement pursuant to the "Stamp Tax Act" is applied differently depending on the loan amount, and banks and customers pay 50% each.
    • ② When establishing the right to collateral security: Discount costs related to the purchase of national housing bonds are borne by the customer. (However, the exact cost is determined on the date of loan execution)
    • ③ The insurance premium (when using Seoul Guarantee Insurance (MCI) is borne by the bank.
  • The cost that the customer has to pay while using the loan is as follows.
    • The cost of reducing the maximum amount of bonds in the right to collateral security is borne by the customer
  • The cost that the customer must pay at the repaying the loan is as follows.
    • The cost of canceling the right to collateral security is borne by the customer.
Necessary documents
  • Certificate of all real estate registration matters provided as collateral
  • Sales contract or certificate of right to register
  • Certificate of seal impression and seal impression
  • Certificate of employment and income
  • ID card, resident registration copy, etc.
  • Other necessary documents: building management ledger, land use plan confirmation, land register, etc.
Interest payment (imposition) cycle
Interest is paid every certain cycle (monthly, etc.) by setting the interest payment date.
Additional instructions
Loans can be repaid (available from January 1, 2019) on holidays. However, guarantees (MCI, MCG, etc.) loans cannot be repaid on holiday.
Right to request the interest rate cut
Delayed payment interest
The loan interest rate is applied by adding 3% per annum of overdue calculation rate, but the maximum delayed compensation rate is 11% per annum
  • The loan status and limit are determined according to your credit rating and current screening criteria.
  • Loans may be restricted to customers subject to the credit information management of financial institutions and those who are ineligible for the current loan of our bank.
  • For more information, please contact the IBK Customer Center 1588-2588 or the branch near the Industrial Bank of Korea.
  • Additional costs may be incurred depending on the amount and type of product.
  • If the loan is excessive compared to the repayment ability, your personal credit rating may fall.
  • A fall in personal credit ratings can lead to disadvantages related to financial transactions.
  • If the principal and interest of the loan are overdue for a certain period of time, the obligation to pay all principal and interest may occur.
  • Loans may be restricted if the handling of loans is inappropriate (holding arrears, low personal credit ratings, etc.).
  • Loan conditions apply differently depending on the collateral and type of collateral, and loans may be restricted if the collateral is inappropriate.
  • Please check the product manual and the terms and conditions before signing the contract related to financial products.
  • General financial consumers have the right to receive a sufficient explanation from IBK Industrial Bank of Korea pursuant to Article 19 (1) of the Financial Consumer Protection Act. Please understand the explanation before trading.
  • IBK Industrial Bank of Korea does not accept money or entertainment. If there are the violation of ethical management or the improvement is necessary, please report it.

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Compliance Officer Review:
No. 2023-4605 (Sep 27, 2023)
Validity period:
Sep 27, 2023 to Sep 26, 2024.
As of Sep 13, 2023.