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Implementing the 'Visiting Asset Management Class' service 2019.01.14
- Asset management specialist visits SMEs directly ... Asset management training and consultation for workers

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea (Chairman Kim Do-jin) said on the 14th, that asset management experts will visit SMEs directly to provide 'visiting asset management class' services to deliver middle class workers with education and consultation.
Education is conducted on financial, real estate, and taxation-related topics such as 'economic environment and investment strategy,' 'home preparation plan using apartment application', and 'tips on year-end tax adjustments for employees'. Following the education, one-on-one personalized counseling will be provided to participants who booked in advance.
An official at IBK explained the reason of releasing such service, "We focused on the fact that the bank's asset management services are provided mainly for VIP customers and since it is burdensome for middle class workers to visit the bank during their work hours, it is difficult for them to receive quality asset management services."
The service is open to small-and-medium-sized companies that trade with IBK, with at least 10 employees to attend the class. Companies that are interested in receiving this service can apply at their bank branch.
An official at IBK said, "It will be useful for both workers and businesses because it supports SME workers to build their own assets and can be used as an in-house education program for SMEs."
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