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IBK Co-up Financing

As a pioneer in SME financing, IBK launched the ‘IBK Co-up Financing’ initiative to help foster the development of emerging businesses through each phase of their growth cycle. We have progressed from a passive and reactive funder to our current position as financial enabler. Going forward, we will provide active and effective support to SMEs as their partner in growth. We will expand our role in policy finance which had been focused on financial support and solidify our place as a market friendly policy bank.

IBK Co-up Financing

We will serve companies as a lifelong partner in finance across their growth cycle through the
“Scale-up”, “Level-up” and “Cycle-up” platforms.

  1. 01 Scale-up platform Help startups achieve
    success beyond survival
  2. 02 Level-up platform Strengthen companies’
    underlying health
  3. 03 Cycle-up platform Support companies’ entry
    and exit from markets
The Concept of Co-up Financing
  • Launch
  • Stabilize
    1) Scale-up
    Enhancing supports system and tech-financing to improve the survival rate of startups
  • Grow
    2) Level-up
    Supporting for global expansion and talented workforce to increase Supporting for global expansion and talented workforce to increase
    3) Cycle-up
    Meeting needs for exit strategies including investment recovery, M&A, and liquidation
  • Take-off
Goals of IBK Co-up Financing:
  • Establish comprehensive system to enable the survival of startups with high quality business model and technology (Scale-up).
  • Provide support for the development and take-off of SMEs through global expansion and talented workforce (Level-up).
  • Satisfy needs that arise at each phase of growth through market-friendly corporate restructuring and help stimulate the economy through a virtuous cycle of capital (Cycle-up).
Newspaper advertisement for IBK ‘Partner in Finance’ Newspaper advertisement for IBK ‘Partner in Finance’