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i-ONE Bank Global has just been launched. 2020.12.16
2020.12.17 OPEN! i-ONE Banking global launch.

2020.12.17 OPEN! Mobile banking service specialized for foreign customers! I-ONE Banking global launch

Experience a customized banking service that providers various aids from entry to departure, simply through your smartphone! Improved usability from the customer’s perspective I-ONE Bank global Mobile certificate Bank transactions are possible only with a 6-digit password. Multilanguage support By supporting 15 languages from 17 countries, we have enhanced customer accessibility. service specialized for foreign customers smart remittance currency exchange

  • 1. smart and mare convenient AI overseas remittance Recommendations for convenient overseas remittance. If you enter the country of receipt and the transfer amount, we will recommend the fastest and cheapest way to transfer money. Progress at a glance Details of wire transfer, progress annual remaining limit, etc. Various information on wire transfers can be checked in real time.
  • 2. Currency exchange with fewer restrictions ONE Wallet Exchange foreign currency at an advantageous timing and simply store it. You can exchange money and keep it without a foreign currency account. Stored foreign currencies can be used at anytime. Use the stored foreign currencies for overseas remittance anytime you want, or you can receive it as foreign currency cash from branches.
  • 3. The most convenient and smartest way to save on overseas remittance ANYTIME Together. Enjoyable and inexpensive overseas remittance when completed together. Customers who want to transfer monet on the same day each month can get together to get better exchange rates and discounted transfer fees! Automate your monthly recurring remittance. Recurring remittance can be accomplished conveniently By simply entering the amount and date.
  • 4. IBK’s financial life assistant, always by your side MY Manager Important notifications provided in time. My manager will let you know useful information such as remittance results and exchange rate benefits so that you don’t miss any. A manager communicating in the customer’s language. We offer the Q&A service where various languages can be used for questions and answers.
  • 5. Connect multiple bank accounts into one, open banking. Link bank accounts from other banks through I-ONE Bank Global One! If you have registered various bank accounts in Korea, you can view and use them all in I-ONE Bank Global. Gather all your scattered balances in one IBK Bank account! Manage your monet that’s been dispersed across many account To one account under IBK Bank.
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Please check before installation!

  • 1. For safe and conavenient use, the new i-ONE Bank Global can be used through “one device per person”.
  • 2. The new i-ONE Bank Global is only available in versions IOS 9.0 and Android OS 4.4.
  • 3. ’Mobile Certificate (for global use)‘ must be issued to use all service of i-ONE Bank Global
    - (Existing customers) After a simple identification process, a mobile certificate can be issued.
    - (unregistered customers) After signing up for electronic financing at a nearby branch, a mobile certificate can be issued.
    ※Please bring your ID card (foreign registration card or passport) when visiting a branch.

Compliance Monitoring Review No. 2021-4123(2021.10.21 - 2022.10.17)

  • · For deteailed inquirIBK Customer Center.(1566-2566)
  • · Before you sign the form to subscribe to any financial product or open an account, make sure to read the information and terms and conditions.
  • · General financial consumers have the right to be provided a sufficient explanation from IBK in accordance with Article 19 (1) of the Act on Financial Consumer Protection. We advise that you make sure you fully understand the explanations provided before proceeding with any related transactions.
  • · IBK Industrial Bank of Korea does not accept any bribes or treats, and in case of any violation of ethical management or any improvement needed, please report it. (+82-02-729-7490, e-mail:
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