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Foreigner Salary Remittance Event 2019.06.18 ~ 2019.12.31
Foreigner Salary Remittance Event

Foreigner Salary Remittance Event (100% Fee Exemption Event)

If you receive more than 700,000 Won in salary at IBK Bank account in the last 3 months and remit more than USD 1,000 overseas, you can enjoy an Exemption of 100% Remittance Fee and Cable Charge. (IBK Bank Remittance Fee : Completely ZERO)

Remrttance Channel:
ANYTIME, Smart Banking, ARS Channel

Event Period:
Jan. 18. 2019~ Dec.31.2019

Target Customers:
Foreigner Customers who Designates IBK Bank as their Foreign Exchange Bank from 1st of Jan 2019

**Includes only Overseas Remittance and not Domestic Remittance.
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